Throw Back Thursday for 10/16/14

  © Mark Farouk 2010


It was the 2010 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix.  It was the final race of the season and would determine the world championship.   While shooting photos just above the pit stalls from a corner of the stands that gave a great view of the front straight I look down and see 7 time champion Michael Schumacher walking up behind Sebastian Vettel as he is talking to someone.  Schumacher then appears to attached a note to his back, or play some other prank on young Vettel.  When Vettel realized Schumacher was there they appeared to have a good laugh and moved on. 

In a few years Vettel would be back at Yas Marina claiming his fourth driver's title and tie Schumacher's record for most wins in a row (7). 

TLP would also like to take this opportunity to hope that Michael recovers from the accident he suffered earlier this year.

Update-When Go-Pros Attack (Or dont).

Ferrari 512 M