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Welcome, to The Loud Pedal….

We are two below average suburban fathers who really love cars and almost all things automotive.  We decided to start this site so that we could share our somewhat uneducated and completely biased automotive observations with any and all who decide to visit accidentally find our page through some error in your browser's search capability.  We have no real street cred, media savvy or industry connections, but we do have an excellent combined archive of car photos, a love of things with any number of wheels, and the ability to poach other people’s internet sites link to other sources for superior content. 

Frankly, we will shill for any individual or any company that provides us with payment or swag…so if this is a good venue for your product or service, make it rain for us and we’ll share your message with both of our subscribers cats.

In spite of our limitations (many and varied) we do provide original content that includes reviews, articles rants, event coverage, and bloated pseudo-intellectual jargon designed to convince you that we know what we are talking about.

If you would like to contribute or have breaking automotive news, or just need advice on installing whistle tips or carbon fiber hoods, hit us up on our contact page.




M. Farouk, - Founder & Chief Editor, photographer.  

A Langley, -Co-Founder & Editor, photographer