Spotted on the Streets of Sacramento! Many feet of pure Awesome!


It was a long week at work and I needed a little jolt of awesome to prime myself for the weekend....AND I GOT IT!  I was taking a different route home than i normally do, and the I spotted something big...VERY BIG!

The front of this behemoth is diesel powered and the rear is powered by alcohol...sweet sweet alcohol....


Behold the non-blown glory of this fantastic lump!  The last time I saw trumpets like this, they were on a Can-Am era McLaren.


...and takes balls to do this!

Anyhoo, I was in a hurry to get home and (rudely) didn't take down the names of the three intrepid (and incredibly friendly) thrill seekers who were heading out for some aquatic mayhem this weekend with this epic combination of American powerhouses.  We at TLP wish them success and safety this weekend!


(If one of you three read this, please get in touch with me on FB or the website)

CAFE SpA Video Review

CAFE SpA Video Review

Throwback Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday, April 2, 2015