2014 British Grand Prix Review

This race presented some changes from others as the Mercedes 1-2 punch of Hamilton and Rosberg were shaken up as Hamilton qualified only 6th place when his teammate decided to put in a great lap on a damp track in qualifying.  Things got off to a shaky start as Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen had a massive crash in the opening lap that cuased the race to be red-flagged and thus restarted.  Reports during the race suggested that the initial impact of Kimi's Ferrari was around 47Gs.


Hamilton would move up from 6th to take first place after Rosberg suffered a terminal gear box issue leaving the race to Hamilton.  While that was an interesting turn of events the for us at TLP the highlight of the race was the lap after lap battle between Alonso and Vettel.  Alonso allowed Vettel no opportunities and held on as long as he could until his tires were too worn.  Additionally, in his post race interview Alonso mentioned that the car also was suffering from battery and rear wing issues.  It was some of the best driving of the year and highlighted Vettel's flaws.  While never really having a clear angle of attack he spent the fight screaming over the radio as if he was owed the position.   If anything it demonstrates that Vettel, unlike his championship years, has to fight for every position.


Video Review

Brit GP Review from TheLoudPedal on Vimeo.


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