It's time to visit V.I.S.I.T.


No, V.I.S.I.T. isn't some secret governmental spy agency.  Nor is it a 60s era Maxwell Smart-esque T.V. show you watched as a kid.

It's simply an indication that people of all stripes can get together to post and discuss what we like to discuss; and that's cars.  It stands for Vehicles I Saw In Traffic, and that's exactly (more or or less) what it is....and that's why we like it.  There's no snobby pretense, and no special treatment of any particular make or model of car.  It's just average Joes and Janes posting pictures and words about cars, trucks and other automotive curiosities for all to digest, enjoy, or comment on.

The Facebook page rules are simple and straightforward:

-We talk about cars here. -All we talk about here is cars. -We don't talk about religion. -We don't talk about politics. -We don't talk about who's got a bigger wang. -We like cars, we like to talk about cars, and we don't give a @#$% about your baggage.

Honestly, that's it.

Don't go there expecting a supercar spotting page, though you'll find such things on V.I.S.I.T.  What you're assured to see is everything from the motorized mundane to military vehicles and anything from good bumper stickers to bad parking etiquette.  It's a series of snapshots of life on the road and in random parking lots.  We've been hooked on it for a few months now and have posted several several of our own shots and gotten great feedback, both informative and comedic.

So go to V.I.S.I.T. now and take a look at what's going on and feel free to post your own pics of automotive jankyness. We think you'll like it.





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