Throwback Thursday, March 5th Edition

The year was 2003 and the place was the southwest corner of the California State Capitol building.  The car was the Panoz LMP01 from team JML Panoz, and the driver was Gunnar Jeanette.  In the olden days, the American Le Mans series used to send cars and drivers to Sacramento to promote the upcoming race at Sears Point.  On this morning, and just before this picture was taken, Jeanette was tasked with turning the car around 180 degrees so he could present the car in front of the building, near the street.  The Panoz roadsters are easily the loudest race cars I have ever heard, and the noise this car made in the middle of downtown Sacramento was brain-itchingly and incomprehensibly loud, and something I'll never forget.  Once the car started, Jeanette goosed the throttle and spun the car around in a very tight seemingly jerk-hopped a couple of times until it was facing the opposite direction.  One might not think turning around could be that interesting, but trust me, it was memorable. Panoz Nice Shot in front of Capitol jpeg

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