Throwback Thursday June 11th, 2014


©Mark Farouk-2010

Sebastian Vettal wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and his first F1 World Championship.

The 2010 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.  The 2010 season came down to the last race as four drivers, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber and Sebastion Vettal each had a chance  to claim the championship at the final race of the season.   At Yas Marina Circuit, home of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the F1 Paddock Club provides stunning views of the track on the rooftop observation area.  Vettal had pulled out a big lead by the end of the race so it was clear that he would claim his first World Championship.  I wanted to be near the podium for the celebration so I staked out a spot near the corner of the observation deck just to the right and slightly above the podium.  This location provided a great view of the flag stand.  As Vettal rounded the last corner I moved my camera and lens to track the shot.  I had a view of him exiting the last corner so I could track him for most of the finish, except for the split second he would be out of view due to the wall.  I tracked the shot and fired away.  It was not until later that I discovered that I captured the moment he crossed the line to win the race and the World Championship.

I've taken better photos, but this is probably the most perfectly timed photo I've ever captured.














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