Throwback Thursday, December 11, 2014

I was scouring the TLP archive for some TBT gold and I came across a long forgotten photo of some automotive significance. Henrik Fisker and a very early Fisker Karma












This is a picture I took (in 2009) of a Karma that ended up including the car company's namesake, Henrik Fisker, almost two years before delivery of the vehicles and four years before the company declared bankruptcy.  I've always liked the styling and the presence of the car and I've even seen a few on the road, but unfortunately after numerous problems with the cars and a controversy over a default on a nearly $530 million dollar Department of Energy loan, the California based company was sold for peanuts in 2013.  Rumors of its reintroduction by the company's new Chinese owners have floated around for the last couple of years.  It's a different world than it was in 2009, and that world didn't include the Tesla Model S.  Only time will tell.

Happy TBT!


Ronin RS 211

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