Throwback Thursday August 7th, 2014

It was 2001 or 2002 at Sears Point Raceway (Also called Infineon, now called Sonoma Raceway) for a race of the American LeMans Series.  It rained all morning on the way to track and while parking in  the dirt parking lot, dirt turned to mud.  The kind of mud that sucks you in to your ankles and doesn't  let go.  It was miserable.  In spite of bad weather, TLP was rolling deep with friends with family and excited about the potential race action even as hypothermia was setting in.  

As typical with a wet track, the race had several incidents. Though, todays throw back is ironic because this particular crash occurred an hour or so into the race when the rain stopped and the track was dry. Alas, this was the first time that we had seen a Dodge Viper in a tire wall. It happened so frequently during their run in ALMS that we begin to think that the tire barrier was their natural habitat.



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1965 FORD GT40 108 Prototype