The Run Down: April 9th.

The Loud Pedal Pleads the Sixth!

Lamborghini as unveiled another car with a name that makes no sense, but it sure does sound delicious.  This is video of the new Sesto Elemento:

[youtube id="6miblFMkuaw"]


Name this Pile of Twisted Metal.


 Did you guess the latest loser of a demolition derby at your local county fair.  Sadly, you are wrong, as this was the last Corvette pulled from the sink hole at the National Corvette Museum.


New Ferrari Hotel and Theme Park.

Thanks to TLP contributer, DAB360 for finding this story.  In further evidence that Ferrari needs to spend more time working on their F1 program and less time on brand image, NBC reports that plans are on track to open the world's first Ferrari Hotel in a new theme park in 2016 in Spain.  BTW, isnt Spain still suffering from the global economic collapse?

Image: The Ferrari Hotel is scheduled to open in 2016.


Let it Blow

With all of the recent discussion about turbo engines in F1 its easy to forget just how much power they can put down.  We found  a few videos demonstrating the possibilities.

CART’s 2.65-liter turbo V8s made more than 1000 hp and helped to set the closed-course record of 241.428 mph on the 2.0-mile oval in Fontana with Gil de Ferran's Honda-powered Team Penske car.

[youtube id="DF8GTL0_rMA#t=168"]

BMW had the 4 cylinder Turbo Engine in F1 in 1986 that produced over 1000HP.

[youtube id="4JIXPqgwQHk#aid=P7To2AKbdeg"]


Kimi "leavemealongiknowwhatImdoing"  Raikkonen did an interview with Autosport following Ferrari's dismal display in Bahrain.  Again, he left us with a jewel.



Throwback Thursday

Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix