Remembering the Greatness of Michael Schumacher

5297157616_511047bbf2_o A few days ago was the birthday for seven time F1 Champion Michael Schumacher.  As our readers know, Michael is still recovering from a horrible skiing accident.  We hope for his speedy recovery.

Rather than dwell on the recent accident, as an honor to his 46th birthday we wanted to post some memorable moments.  What are yours?






2003 Austrian Grand Prix


Car catches fire during pit stop.  Doesn't even break a sweat.

[youtube id="i6sNeYo5uvQ#t=34"]

The episode of Top Gear when he was the Stig

The day he won Imola in 2003 right after being notified that his mother had passed away:

1998 British Grand Prix: Serves stop/go penalty on last lap and still wins!

Pass on Alesi in the 1996 European Grand Prix

Any of his 91 win podium celebrations:

Hungary 1998-Schumacher builds 27 second gap in just 20 laps:























Top Gear San Francisco

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