Moments in Sponsorship Regret.

lotus Those of you that watch television shows via Hulu will know that viewers still have to deal with a few commercial breaks while watching a show.  Several times while watching The Daily Show the following ad has popped up:

[youtube id="rkxJ10PFpHo"]

An ad featuring a Formula 1 team targeted to an American audience is not something that happens often.  This is a very rare occurrence and even more rare is that it occurred during a break for a show that has nothing to do with auto racing.  Then I got to thinking that Microsoft must really be regretting this sponsorship deal with Lotus F1.  My favorite part of the ad:  

"For Lotus F1 Team, the winning edge starts with the cloud..."   "...working in sync to make the calls that make the difference between winning and losing..."

Right now the calls are mostly losing.  Ouch Microsoft!  Not only does Lotus F1 team not have a "winning edge" but in the first three races neither driver has scored a single point nor finished in the top ten of a race.  The biggest accomplishment they have is actually finishing a race.  As you may recall from our review of the Bahrain Grand Prix Lotus F1 Pastor Maldanado almost killed someone.

There you have it.  A moment in sponsorship regret.

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