McLaren Open House

Via Contributor David Barnes:

Wednesday evening I went to McLaren San Francisco which is in Palo Alto for an open house with the McLaren K-PAX racing team which races in GT3 with a pair of McLaren MP4-12Cs. I met the team and sat in their race car and asked a few questions. Also on the floor to fully peruse was a black 650S, a breathtaking car in all respects. The star of the evening was a customer’s McLaren P1. Even the racing team was checking out the fine detail. The car was locked with a sign on the dash reading: SOLD Do Not Touch. I guess when you pay $1.6M dollars for a car not leaving fingerprints is the least admirers can do to accommodate the new owner’s wishes. In addition to the two McLaren P1s I viewed and photographed at the Motorsport Reunion last Saturday, this was my third encounter with a P1 inside a week. I’m now dreaming of when I can drive one on an open road...

The K-PAX racing team will be competing in this weekends Sonoma Grand Prix.


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A Case of the Mondays on a Friday.