A Last Hurrah?

I say "A" last hurrah for a reason... It seems that the 2014 car show season just won't quit. I got a text from TLP friend, and resident blower fitment liaison, Marc Engstrom, about a car show at Sacramento's best known automotive performance parts shop, Tognotti's.  It was completely overcast and chilly, but I was jonesing for cars and needed a fix....so I grabbed some coffee, packed the kiddies and the camera in the minivan and hit the road.

As is usually the case, this Tognotti's parking lot show didn't disappoint.  About 5 minutes after we got there, the clouds burned off and we had to ditch our sweatshirts because apparently summer had arrived in the middle of November.  There was a DJ providing loud rock, a fully stocked swag table, a taco truck, and parking lot crammed with hot rods, customs, muscle cars and a friendly crowd of gearheads of all stripes.

(Tooting my own horn) I think the kids and I got some pretty good shots of the talent.

It's possible that this is one of the last shows for 2014, but at the rate things are going, I'm not going to be surprised if there are a few more before the 2015 season starts.


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