When GoPro's Attack.


Columbus Day has been a slow day in the automotive news world.  After a busy weekend of racing with Formula 1 in Russia, World Endurance in Japan and the Bathhurst 1000Km, things are pretty quiet.   However, not satisfied to set on their laurels the automotive press (and those pretending to be journalist) have fired off the latest in wild speculation.

Business Insider offered this:  GoPro Shares Crushed After Report Links Camera To Michael Schumacher's Injury:

GoPro shares are getting crushed following a report that said a GoPro camera may have been responsible for the seriousness of the skiing accident involving Formula One driver Michael Schumacher.

 In early trade on Monday, shares of GoPro were down as much as 10% amid another day of broad market weakness, with the Nasdaq losing the most ground among the major averages. 

What is the report that Business Insider, Autoblog, Yahoo News and others are referring to?  French F1 commentator Jean-Louis Moncet told radio station Europe 1 that the problem for Schumacher was not his fall but the GoPro camera he had mounted to his helmet.  Without offering new evidence, proof and or anything of value,  Moncet's explanation had gained steam across the interwebs.  The closest link to some speck of truth is that experts from ENSA, the world-renowned ski and climbing academy, have tested to see if the attachment of the GoPro mount weakened Schumacher's helmet in any fashion that led to Schumacher's horrible injury.  ENSA has not released results nor even hinted that this is what actually occurred. 

So there you have it, when no news exists, you can count on our esteemed mainstream centers of journalism to create it out of the thin freaking air.

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