Classic Sports Racing Group Charity Challenge


This past weekend saw a busy schedule of events for the TLP team.  Multiple events throughout California had us scrambling for coverage.  On Sunday we trekked out to Sonoma Raceway to check out the Classic Sports Racing Group (CSRG) Charity Challenge.  We were not sure what to expect as sometimes these low key track events turn out to be nothing more than over-hyped car club events. 

Lets just say we were pleasantly surprised to find a fine selection of 70s and 80s Can-Am, F1 and sports cars from multiple eras.  Lots of access and a decent size crowd.

Both of us brought kids to this event and the participants and staff of CSRG made us feel at home from the moment we got out of the car.  Free rides from the parking lot to the venue, free programs, Hotwheels and earplugs for the kids and we didn't come across a single participant who wasn't willing or wanting to chat or show the kids around.  This event will be on our 2015 calendar for sure!


Full Gallery here

Ditch-1 Rally Car-0

Throwback Thursday, September 9, 2014