Cars and Coffee with Cafe SpA, December 6, 2014

Continuing our commitment to bring you automotive excellence, TLP traveled to a rain soaked pier in San Francisco to join Cafe SpA Cars and Coffee for their December meetup and Christmas charity toy drive.  We hit some rain and fog on the way down, but the only real adversity we experienced once we entered the city was puddles...and fortunately puddles don't seem to be a significant obstacle to most of us meet up types. Those of us who don't let a little moisture get in the way of a perfectly good car show were witness to a diverse feast of four wheeled talent.  We were even treated to the sights and sounds of a dealership fresh Huracan from British Motor Cars.

This was not a show of just European excellence but also included various examples of American muscle and Japanese imports including two Nissan GTRs.

One may ask him/herself if it is worth an hour and half drive from the Sacramento region at zero dark thirty to attend this event.  Without hesitation, yes!  CAFE SpA has demonstrated time and again the ability to bring together a diverse group of car enthusiasts and their best cars.  MOPARs were in full effect, and there were plenty of American makes in attendance.  The show was also graced with the presence of a couple of cars from TKO Motorsports from Reno Nevada (and they were BIG  and BAD). Additionally, with support from British Motor Cars of SF (and BMW of SF in past events) these shows are always guaranteed to be visited by the latest and greatest Italian, German or British cars.

We would also add that if you have time, you should stay for the whole event, event as it winds down.  Near the close several cars are usually repositioned as the lot begins to clear out that give some great photo opportunities with clean backgrounds.

Though this wasn't the best attended event so far (thanks to Mother Nature), it was well worth the time and effort for TLP.  We'll be setting our coffee machines on kill for the Next Cafe SpA for sure.

Snorting Bulls

Snorting Bulls

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