Cafe SpA Cars and Coffee October 4, 2014

15431203456_8dd6df9c55_o TLP ventured down to San Francisco again this month for some coffee and cars with Cafe SpA.  This week we traveled with blog consigliere Nick Lettini.

The venue was new because last month's venue was being used for Fleet Week festivities, but the change of scenery didn't seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of the attendees or of those who brought their cars.  As promised, Chirstensen delivered a brand spanking new Laborghini Huracan in a fetching shade of white called Icarus Bianco.  It was flanked by an incredibly diverse collection of vehicles that rivaled last month's talent (which was pretty damn diverse).  There were even some specimens from the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum from Kaiser, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Mercedes and Packard.

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, the place was packed with rides and people, the coffee and doughnuts were delicious and a great time was had by all.  We look forward to November's event and won't hesitate to set our alarm clocks a little earlier than usual for an occasion that's well worth the drive.

Well done Cafe SpA!




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