Bathhurst 12 Hours Final.

Gallery : 2015 Bathurst 12 Hour race Photo 12 This past weekend we posted the live stream of the 12 hours of Bathhurst at Mt. Panarama, Australia.  This race often gets overlooked but in the last few years it has made its mark as a must watch endurance event.  While we at TLP monitored it throughout the day it all came down to the last few laps.  That's right, after completing 11 hours and change the difference between the top spots was seconds.

The real story here is that two of the three drivers from the winning team got their start playing video games.  Yes, you read that correct.

Three years ago, Belgium's Wolfgang Reip and Germany's Florian Strauss were likely at home, speeding around famous racetracks on their PlayStations. While being down-right awesome at a popular video game was their primary goal, yesterday they achieved something incredible: winning one of the world's toughest endurance races. It's definitely a story they'll tell the grandchildren, but thanks to Sony and Nissan, it might not be the first time you hear of a gamer showing professionals how it's done.

Here are the final minutes:

[youtube id="54fS8XRUP2I#t=1050"]

Super Car Police

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