A Visit With Diamond Autosport.

As usual, TLP was trolling the streets of Sacramento, looking for all things automotive and/or awesome.  Nothing was really cooking...lots of lunchtime traffic and pedestrians crossing streets...you know, Sacramento at noon
Lo and behold, we saw a mirage...an amazing orange vision, beckoning us to investigate.  Where would we be able to find a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera on a weekday in the middle of our Fair City, you may ask?  The answer is simply Diamond Autosport.
This exotic car oasis in the middle of our fair city is located behind Panera Bread on Howe Avenue at  912 Enterprise Drive.  Diamond specializes in European cars, and provides an array of automotive services and sales from this location.  Their large building houses a body and paint shop and mechanic's lifts.  The two full sized garage doors in front open the showroom to the street (thus catching our eye(s).  This area, complete with pool table, couches and other amenities doubles as their clean area for sensitive assemblies and display of the eye candy for sale/consignment to prospective clients.  When we stopped by, one of the shop technicians was working on a matte black wrap on a second orange Gallardo.  Speaking of wraps, Diamond does wraps, tints, upholstery, bodywork and paint, mechanical work, custom audio, and tires and wheels.  It was a lot to take in.
The man in charge, Mo, took us around the showroom and the rest of the facility and let us take pictures and ask lots of questions during our brief and unannounced visit.  Though we were impressed with the visit as it was, we will definitely hit him up at a later date to get a tour of Diamond's other showroom in Rocklin, or get a walkthrough of some type of installation, fabrication or repair on an exotic.
All in all, it was a fantastic experience for TLP!  We look forward to profiling local businesses and exploring the car scene in this town for our readers and fans.
For more information on Diamond Autosport you can call them at (916) 567-3000, or check them out online at http://www.diamondautosports.com/, or on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.  Email inquiries can be made to diamondautosports@gmail.com.
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