2017 Niello Concours at Serrano

2017 Niello Concours at Serrano

This time of year is bittersweet for fans of all things automotive.  As winter is coming, and 2017 draws to a close, we face the end of racing season, with some series already finished for the year.  We face our last few meet ups, as many only run through October.  Almost of all of Northern California's events have come and gone too.  Now we face the prospect of months of cold and dreary, two things that are definitely not conducive to our favorite activity...gawking at other people's cars.  This being said, a staple on our calendar didn't fail to give us one last big infusion of automobilia before the year is through.

The Niello Concours at Serrano is always a fantastic event for northern California.  After the rain that fell last year and the prior years of oppressive late season heat, this year featured amazing machinery and some of the most spectacular weather ever #norcalrules.   

This year was the 14th running of the Niello Concours and featured cars from 1915 to 1948 known as the "Era of Elegance."  The show was limited to this brand of car, but included a little something for everyone, from class European sportscar, 60's and 70's era American muscle cars, along with a smattering of more modern machinery.

It was a great close-out to Northern California's car gawking season.

Best In Show- According to Mark

Neillo Serrano 17 web-204.jpg



Alfa Romeo

'49 6C Super Sport Cabriolet

I arrived early to the show prior to the public opening and noticed that the car count seemed somewhat lower than in prior years but the quality of what was offered had not suffered.  I witnessed numerous cars that would make it to the top of any list.  I wouldn't be long before I would spot my best in show.  It was the color I noticed at first.  It was so blue, a crisp electric blue.  Ok, I made up that color name, but if I had to name that the color that's what it would be called.  It would be one of the most stunning Alfa Romeos that I've witnessed.  It was a '49 6C Super Sport Cabriolet that looked like it rolled out of the factory a few days prior.  No doubt it had been restored but it was a 68 year old car that looked brand new.  It will remain not only my pick for best at the Niello Concours but one of the best looking automobiles seen this year.

Best in Show - According to Andrew


1956 Lincoln Continental MK II


I glanced to my right and saw this vision.  The paint seemed to absorb the bright sunlight and return it to my eyes in a more distilled and beautiful form.  And while the paint was doing its thing, the chrome was doing it's best to get my attention too....not too much chrome....not too little chrome...juuuuust right chrome!  All this goodness and a drop top to boot, what's not the best about this 18 foot and almost 5000 lb stunner?

Full Gallery

Mercedes AMG Pavilion

Mercedes AMG Pavilion

Cadillac to Leave Pirelli World Challenge

Cadillac to Leave Pirelli World Challenge