2014 Canadian Grand Prix Review

What appeared to be another Mercedes 1-2 victory was derailed by the technology that Mercedes has thus far mastered better than any other team.  All was going well with the Mercedes duo opening a huge gap early in the race, and then on lap 36 problems emerged as Hamilton lost his MGU-K drive and a lap later the same happened to Rosberg.  What the heck is a MGU-K drive, you're asking?  The MGU-K works by harvesting energy from the rear axle under braking, which actually helps decelerate the car along with the brakes, and then deploying that energy on the straights. A failure of the MGU-K not only reduces power but also puts added strain on the rear brakes, which are smaller this year and controlled electronically to work in harmony with the MGU-K harvesting.  If you really want to jump down the rabbit hole of this technology this we recommend reading this  

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 What did all of this mean?  An exciting race for everyone else, as several other drivers and teams had a chance to reach the podium.  In spite of the problems Nico managed to hang on to second place, and given the issues with the car this had to be the drive of this career.  Daniel Riccardo of RedBull scored his first ever F1 win.

All of this excitement was matched on the last lap when Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez had a massive shunt going in to turn 1.   Ive read on the internets that this crash occurred at aprox 190mph....OUCH!


(Note: Props to NBC sports for posting a F1 video that can be embedded on other sites.)

 The video is compelling but notice how close third place finisher, Sebastion Vettal, comes to disaster.


Race results - 2014 Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Pos.  Driver Team Time
1. D. Ricciardo Red Bull 1:39:12.830
2. N. Rosberg Mercedes +4.236
3. S. Vettel Red Bull +5.247 +1.011
4. J. Button McLaren +11.755 +6.508
5. N. Hulkenberg Force India +12.843 +1.088
6. F. Alonso Ferrari +14.869 +2.026
7. V. Bottas Williams +23.578 +8.709
8. J. Vergne Toro Rosso +28.026 +4.448
9. K. Magnussen McLaren +29.254 +1.228
10. K. Raikkonen Ferrari +53.678 +24.424
11. S. Perez Force India +1 Lap
12. F. Massa Williams +1 Lap
13. A. Sutil Sauber +1 Lap
14. E. Gutiérrez Sauber +6 Laps
Did not finish
15. R. Grosjean Lotus +11 Laps
16. D. Kvyat Toro Rosso +23 Laps
17. L. Hamilton Mercedes +24 Laps
18. K. Kobayashi Caterham +47 Laps
19. P. Maldonado Lotus +49 Laps
20. M. Ericsson Caterham +63 Laps
21. J. Bianchi Marussia +70 Laps
22. M. Chilton Marussia +70 Laps

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