Porsche Rennsport Reunion V: Part Deux, The Second Part

Porsche Rennsport Reunion V: Part Deux, The Second Part

Sights and Sounds of Rennsport V

As we mentioned in the first part of our Porsche Rennsport Reunion V coverage last week, the event was rather overwhelming.  We did't think that we could do it justice in just one post.  The depth and breadth of the weekend required a breather and then a plunge right back into the fray.  

Since our first post gave a pretty good 30,000 foot perspective of the event, we thought we'd try a new gimmick to put a personal face on the event.  Along with our video presentation and obligatory photo gallery, we're going to do something called "That time." This is where we give you a visual and a brief description of what you're looking at.  We've chosen several moments from the weekend that we feel are noteworthy because of their timing, significance or their sheer magnitude.  We hope you enjoy these highlights.

That time I stopped at will call in Seaside and saw this in the bloody parking lot.  This would also be, that time we knew this event was going to be extraordinary.

 That time I ran into Magnus Walker in the garages and he signed our "Road and Track."

That time I finally punched the missing entry on my "must see cars" list.  It is/was the legendary Porsche 917/30 a race car of legend.  A car so powerful and advanced that it could match and even outpace the performance of modern race-cars.  An untamable beast capable of over 1,000HP.  This item was checked off the list within the first 30 minutes of arrival.

That time I saw the Porsche RS Spyder with the same livery in honor of the 917/30 driven by one of our favorite and nicest drivers, Gunnar Jeannette.

That time I was taking a picture of a Mark Donohue tribute car and his son, and fine driver in his own right, David Donohue walked by.

That time Hurley Haywood drove by...in a 1972 917-10...which was, um, pretty amazing!

That time I got a little perspective.  These shots were taken about 20 feet apart.

That time I found myself alone with two iconic race cars.  After ducking, stretching, zooming and elbowing my way to almost every photo I could get suddenly these rolling art exhibits were all alone.  It was a brief time, no more than 30 seconds.  If machines could talk and whisper their secrets this was the time I stood in awe of these marvels.  

That time I stood  next to the track and witnessed a 1,000HP hybrid that won the most recent 24 Hours of LeMans.

That time I realized that I had a completely reasonable and understandable bro-crush on Mark Webber...Am I right?  HIGH FIVE!

In our previous Rennsport coverage we mentioned that at each event we attended this year we really thought that we'd reached a pinnacle, one that would go unmatched.  Then, subsequent events would prove us wrong not just once, but over and over, as each event offered not just better, but additional and distinct substance.  Perhaps it was the TLP bump, perhaps our very presence lifted the profile of the event?  Nah.  It was just a great year to be a car lover and Rennsport was the crown jewel.  Sadly, we will have to wait four more years for the next Rennsport, though with patience comes reward.  In the next four years Porsche will collect more motorsport accolades, more cars will be added to the list of true "classics," and new models will defy belief and technology.  Rennsport was a celebration of what a car can be with the right engineering, with the proper amount of human soul.  

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